Friday, February 10, 2006

Rob a jewelry store & make me the GrillZ!

Ok so the new swanky thing is to slap a grill on your mug and bling bling it down on Long Beach, or South Beach if you're into that whole Nelly thang -- can you gimme 2-pairs of dem Air-Force-OneZ! Hey, if you don't mind making a plaster mould of your pearly whites you too can have a 30-point 14k gold set of chompers.

Put asside your booty-drop and ErrTime grab a set today--see even David Letterman got himself some and now he rolls like iCe!

Check out Mr. Bling's site so you can look like you're chewin' on aluminum foil. They're great wit' the Roederer Cristal but be carful you don't lose a stone in the Filet Mignon else you'll get served like John McEnroe!


Noor said...

thanks Jeff for the socal update . . . I think that's the nastiest thing I've ever seen, though.

joel said...

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