Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Over a month with nothing

Wow, this might be the longest this blog has gone without seeing me. Not that nothing's happened. I was in Philadelphia for work, then New York for work, then Philadelphia for my sister's exam.

We were in D.C. yesterday and managed to visit the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. Very neat. We were planning on being there for an hour or so. 3 hours later, we came out and we were famished. It was really interesting, starting from torture devices and procedures from medeival times to explanations of medical examiner procedures of today.

Next week, Jeff's parents are in town for afew days, which is exciting. The last time theys aw our condo, it was just wooden beams and a roof. Now, it's a house. The weather forecast is sucky but we're hoping it stays nice for at least 1 outing to D.C. We'd like to take them to the Washington Monument, since we bought tickets to go up into it. And, we'd like to see the Newseum. We also had plans to take a boat-taxi through the Baltimore inner harbour and go see a bunch of things around there. Not if it rains.

So, look for some cool pictrues from the NCMP soon and maybe from D.C. and Baltimore next week.