Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Apparently, last year this day was a big old snoozefest! With a 3 month old, it really couldn't have been any different. But this year, my kid has friends in school and I am more awake (most days). So, I did a lot to prepare for today.

First, I got my handsome young man this shirt. Under "Sergeant Smooch," I think it says something about deadly lips. The shirt is funny for him because he has no concept of kisses. He doesn't give them, he doesn't blow kisses. When we kiss him, he just stands there and looks puzzled.

His idea of a kiss is a drool filled open mouth. Wait, he's a teenager already? ;-)

I created these goody bags for Oliver's classmates. I found these Valentine's day rubber duckies on Amazon. I got these cute tattoos and the goody bags. Then, I spent a whole evening baking strawberry cookies, icing them with heart shapes and sprinkling them red.

Fast forward to this morning, I am putting the bags in the cubbies and overhear another mom say that we are not allowed to bring in home cooked stuff. I checked with the daycare and yup, I had to take all of those out. I think I knew this but I just didn't think. Oh well, all that bicep pain for nothing. That darn icing isn't easy to squeeze out. Well, some coworkers got lucky this morning.

I also made cake pops for coworkers - strawberry cake + strawberry frosting covered in red candy. I wasn't planning on eating any but one broke on the way in and I wasn't going to give that to coworkers ;-)

I might not be able to do a smooth coating on them but they sure were yummy. And, I am getting faster. It took me barely an hour to do about 40 of these last night - that's just the dipping in the candy though. I spent about a half hour the night before rolling the balls. I let them sit in the fridge for a day to harden a bit. Makes it so much easier to dip.

So, our plans for the day. Jeff and I will meet for a romantic mid-day meal at the oh-so-gourmet Ledo's Pizza.

At 3:15, we have a little shindig at daycare with little ones and a lot of sugar. That should be entertaining.

And, at 5, I have a date with 2 handsome men for dinner at our favorite place, Victoria's. And, I'll be sporting these beauties I scored really cheap at JC Penney.

I wouldn't have this day any other way, it's going to be perfect. I love you Jeffrey. I love you Oliver.

To all our family and friends, all over the world, may your day be filled with as much love as ours is.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Because of you

there's a mummy
because of you, there's a papa
because of you, there's a mausi
because of you, a nana nani

Yesterday was a tough day. Oliver cried and cried after waking up and it took me a little bit to realize he had gas pains. But, as I was trying to calm him down, walking him around in my arms, shushing him, I made up this little 4 sentence song for him in Hindi. (Mausi is your mother's sister and nana nani are the maternal grandfather and grandmother respectively.) I realized that all these new relationships have been born because of Oli. And, it made me realize, there's so much more that's because of Oli.

So, to my dear son,

Because of you, I don't care about rushing anywhere. I take your hand and walk slowly, savoring every moment.

Sleeping beauty
Because of you, I am so much more patient. I can even lie in bed awake for an hour and a half because you are asleep on my shoulder and if I move you, you'll wake up.

Because of you, I take even faster showers, thus conserving energy and water.

Because of you, we have family dinner time every night. Sitting at the table together, watching you eat, fuss, spit out stuff you don't like, shove with both hands into your mouth things you do like. Talking to you about our day.

Because of you, I cook meals for the whole week on the weekend. We eat home made meals a lot more and have time on weekday evenings to play with you.

Look: matching foreheads
Because of you, I laugh a lot more. At you running after the dog. With you when you throw a ball and are so pleased with yourself. At you splashing in the bath tub, laughing out loud. At you dancing to Metallica.

Because of you, I cry more too. When you are hurting and I can't do anything to fix it. When you are frustrated because we don't understand what you want.

Because of you, I am healthier. I'd like to be around for you for a long, long time and I find myself making better life choices.

Because of you, our families are closer. We talk to your grandparents' on both sides a lot more. And we might even get the CA set to visit us because of you.

Because of you, I do a lot more laundry.

Because of you, I show up to work at least a couple days a week with drool on my shirt and I don't care.

Because of you, I am a mother and he's a father.
Because of you, we love each other so much more.
Because of you, we'll forever have worry lines etched into our foreheads.
Also because of you, we'll have laugh lines etched into the sides of our eyes and lips.
Because of you, I'll never get those Botoxed out, because I want you to see how happy you've made us.

Because of you, we are a family fulfilled.

Because of you, my love, my heart, my precious son.

We love you with all our hearts and souls,
Your mummy and papa.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Elizabeth Stone was so right

when she said that "making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

Look at that face, that grin, you can't see it but there's a sparkle in his eyes.

That sparkle that means he's up to no good.

He's 15 months old today. 15 months. I can't believe it.

He's running everywhere, he's climbing everything. He's trying to talk, he constantly babbles. He's teething, he's drooling. He's not sleeping through the night.

He loves his daycare buddies, he runs into his room every morning. He runs out of it the same way when we go pick him up.

He copies sounds we make and then laughs. He runs away from us and laughs. He chases the dog and laughs.

He dances to music anywhere and anytime he hears it. Bounces up and down.

We love you boog, mommy, daddy and even Smokey. I hope this teething thing ends soon and all we hear in the house are your laughs.