Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I was accused of being intolerant on an online board today. Why? Because I stated that I did not want to be proselytized to. defines intolerance as a "lack of toleration; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs, persons of different races or backgrounds, etc." 

How is me not wanting to discuss my views with a religious person intolerance? Am I telling them their beliefs are wrong? No. Am I telling them my beliefs are superior to theirs? No. I just wish to be left alone with my beliefs just as I leave everyone else alone with theirs. How's that intolerant? 

This isn't a my way or the highway argument. I have my way, you have your way, she has her way and he has his way. I am not saying anybody's way is wrong. But, very specifically, in the case of religion, I did not get to 35 without having a very solid belief in my way. But, that's my belief. I am in no way saying everyone else's is wrong. I have even said if Oliver wants to explore another way, he's free to do so. He wants to attend mass in a church, sure. He wants to learn the Torah, ok. Depending on whether that specific religion will let him do so, he is free to choose and learn about whatever religion or faith he wants to as he grows up.  

I am not refusing to respect other religious beliefs, I am just requesting they not be foisted on me or screamed into my face. Intolerance would be if I get in their face and tell them they are wrong without listening to their reasons for believing. Intolerance is telling me I am going to hell because I don't believe in your savior. I have no issues with everyone believing in whatever they want to, including but not limited to Jesus, the Prophet, the thousand of Hindu deities, the Easter bunny, the North Pole Santa factory, the incredible cuteness of my shoes, it's all individual choice. It's live and let live. That's my philosophy. And isn't that the ultimate tolerance?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Sign of a GREAT weekend: baby out like a light
This weekend was busy! Fun, but busy.

Look at the death grip
Saturday, we started another round of swimming lessons for Oli. We did a 6 week round last year. Problem was I started him in February, it was cold outside. He also got a bad bout of diaper rash by the 4th session and we thought it was the chlorine in the water, so we stopped. We know now it's just his extra sensitive skin. So, hopefully, with the weather being warm, we'll finish the 6 week session with just one out of town interruption (we are going to Ocean City for the Memorial Day weekend).
Happy now
He did good. He clung to me at the beginning and didn't like being on his back. But, then we discovered a ball in the pool and he couldn't be happier. He and another little boy started throwing it towards each other. By the end, Oli was kicking his legs, while on his belly, and jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms.

Saturday night, we had a wonderful time at Gill & Gina's house, where we pushed Oli's bedtime to 9 p.m. and paid for it. Anytime we keep him up later than 7:30, his sleep is bad through the night and he gets up earlier the next day, all crankified. He'll go to sleep anywhere if we put him down between 7 and 7:30, and moving him from there to the car and then to his bed doesn't affect him. So, this teaches us a lesson to stick to his plan, and not mess with it.

Sunday morning, we went to his buddy Carl's house for a Mother's Day brunch. Can you believe Jeff and I didn't get a single photo? We really took it easy while the boys played in the yard and on the deck. Oli managed to smack the right side of his forehead, under his eyebrow, on the deck because he wanted to carry a broom 3 times his size up the steps. It was swollen after his nap but seemed to do better after a warm compress. We took him for a ride on his trike in the afternoon, and then Jeff grilled up some kabobs for dinner. It was a beautiful weekend to be outside.

So, let's get back to the swollen eye. Everyone who knows Jeff and me knows that I am a little more laid back about boo-boos than Jeff is. So, when Oli took a spill, I looked real quick and seeing no blood, said, oh you are good. Took the broom away from him and sent him off to play. Jeff had looked at his face and said something about a swollen eye. I thought he was overreacting. Fast forward to some hours later, Oli walks out of his room after his nap and his right eyelid was so swollen. I could have cried! I felt like such a huge failure. I did the warm compress and cuddled him tight (as much as he'd let me). But, man oh man, did I feel like the worst mother in the whole wide world. So, here's a little note to my little bug:

Dear Oli,

I might fail at kissing your boo-boos when they happen or realizing you are hurt more than I can see at first sight. I might fail at trying to take away your paci and I might fail at keeping your bedtime schedule. I might fail at grabbing that food you just let Smokey lick and put in your mouth. I might fail at stopping you from touching a random car in the parking lot because you want to feel it and say "cuck" (truck). I might fail at not realizing that the food you just grabbed from my plate might be too spicy for you and then giving you more because you want more and the world might end if I don't give you more right there and then. I am sure I'll fail at more things than I can count before you become a parent yourself some day.

But, I promise you this, I will try my best and give my all to not fail where it matters most. I will never fail to hug you and kiss you when I do realize you are hurt. I will not fail at letting you explore the world the way you see fit. I will not fail at being your staunchest supporter through everything you want to do.

Including trying to wear and walk in your momma's shoes.

I hope you'll be proud to have me as your mom just as I am proud to call you my baby every single day of my life. I love you, my bug, Your mom.

Monday, May 07, 2012

18 months

I can't believe it. I am repeating myself but where does the time fly off to? How is it that in a year, my bug has gone from this: 

to this:

What's new since the last update?
  • 1 more canine, the bottom one on his right. The one on the left is lagging but should be out soon too.
  • "talking" explosion. He is repeating everything we say, which means we have to be extra careful about what we say around him.
  • he is fascinated with "ca" (car) and "cuck" (truck). He says "ca" and "cuck" all the time. If somebody drives outside, he says it.
  • he loves saying bye-bye and blowing kisses. He stole the hearts of numerous little old ladies at Costco yesterday. Every time we stopped for a sample, he'd say bye bye and blow them a kiss.
  • he is also saying thank you and signs please. He signs sorry but means please, that subtle difference of hand open or closed hasn't gotten into him yet :)
  • his hair, oh my goodness, his hair! He got a haircut last month, but looking at his photos now, you couldn't tell. I love it though. We think we might wait forever to get his next cut.
  • he's so cuddly and giggly. I'll have to try and get a video of him. If you lie down on the floor, he'll throw himself on you, rub his face in your face and giggle wildly. If you are on your belly, he'll climb on your back and ride horsey.
  • he's gotten very proprietary about his stuff. We had a few kids over on Cinco de Mayo and he would get upset if they took any of his favorite toys. He may or may not have made somebody cry and cried himself. We need to work on the sharing aspect now.
What's not new?
  • he still loves to dance! there was something on the radio yesterday and he started bouncing his cloth diapered butt up and down.
  • he still won't sleep with somebody else in bed with him. Which made for interesting times when my in-laws were visiting. We gave them the guestroom/Oli's room and brought him into our bed. He wanted to play fro 11:30 - 2:30 in the middle of the night. Next night, grandparents were moved to our room, Oli went back to his room and we slept on the floor in the study. We all got much better sleep that way for the rest of the week.
  • we've found one sweet thing he really likes. Reese's peanut butter cups, as you can see from the videos I posted. Cookies, cake, cupcakes, he doesn't care for at all. Peanut butter cup? I can get hi to give me kisses, say thank you, say please, behave, as long as I am holding one of those bad boys in my hand.
  • he's still a good eater *knock on wood*. He discovered ketchup last month too and it might be the most interesting thing to him ever. He'll stick food in it just to lick it off. And he loves himself some burgers :)

Oli, my love, my handsome young man, slow down just a wee bit so your mommy's creaky knees can keep up with you. You charm everyone in your path with your dimpled smile and your beautiful eyes. I just want to hold you tight and never let go. I want to ensure you only have smiles and laughter in your life and none of the ugly this world holds. Someday, you'll walk away on your own, but till then, I hope your dad and I can make you see all the beauty this world and its people hold. I hope we can teach you to be kind, and generous, and empathetic. I know these are all big words for a little boy like you but we need to remind ourselves that you are a sponge, taking in everything we say and do and so, we have to be what we want you to be as you grow up. Thank you for being in our lives and making us be better people. Also, way to be advanced and get your first kiss at the tender age of almost 18 months (May 3rd, 2012). I was hoping for middle school maybe ;-)

You've stolen our hearts and you steal our breaths everyday with something new you do or say. We love you, our little booger, our little monkeyboy, our little Oliver!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pre-plan fail

So, last month, we realized going out to dinners with Oli might be too ambitious. He doesn't stand still for even a few minutes. He sits in his high chair at home long enough to inhale his food, then he's gone. He's so busy, things to do, people to see, balls to throw, cars to carry around, dog to terrify, dog bone to chew on ...

So, I came up with a plan, I looked at our calendars in May and June and came up with 3 nights that Jeff and I could go out to dinner alone, as adults. I contacted the babysitter, she was available. Woohoo, perfect. You'd think so. Here are the dates and what's happened to them:

  • May 20: Initially asked her to sit from 5-7; now changed it to much much later because Nabheet and Cindy are visiting. 
  • June 9th: Same time frame, now moved to June 16 instead because I am doing a 2 mile walk with Jackie and her friends on June 9th in Baltimore.
  • June 24th: Same time frame, so Jeff and I could have dinner out for my birthday and the next day, on my actual birthday, we'd do something with Oli. Realized June 23rd is a brew fest at our favorite Victoria Gastro Pub, so we probably won't go out June 24th.
Way to plan ahead, Sylvie! I feel like I should apologize to our wonderful babysitter, Kelly. My head is spinning from all the changes, I don't want to imagine what she thinks of me right now.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Reese's mmmm

The first day of Reese's discovery:


The next day: