Saturday, February 19, 2011

Froggy in the water

Today was Oli's first swim lesson and he did GREAT! He wasn't ecstatic about the experience. He even gave us a few tears at getting water in his ears or over his head, up his nose, down his throat but he didn't cry for more than a few seconds and then just went through his half hour with a furrowed brow. Both Jeff and I got in the water with him and it was so much fun. He was the youngest there today but another lady with a year old said she's been bring hers since she was 3 months old.

We tried getting some good photos but we waited till the end and he was tired and cranky. We managed to get 1 where he's not crying.

P.S. How adorable is the turtle swim diaper?


anjuli said...

I'm sure he'll adapt :). I hated getting water in my ears and over the head but, my problem is different ;). Glad he did well.

How deep is the water? Doesn't seem that deep. And, the diaper is cute. I wonder if they're good for holding "stuff" :D

Jenna said...

Love Oli and his cute little turtles!!