Friday, February 04, 2011

Awesome customer service

I love Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. & I love their Amazon Prime for Mom program. Both save you money. With a lot of items, you get 15% for subscribing and then another 15% off for being an Amazon Prime member. Usually, the Prime membership costs $79.99 for the year, I think but they gave out free 1 year memberships to new moms and I signed up. I have also been getting wipes in bulk with their subscribe and save program because it's really cheap and I can control when they send the shipments. You have to initially select the frequency of shipment but you can cancel those at any time and then go back in and reactivate it when you need to.

So, I got an alert from one of the many websites I follow that these PopChips that I love were on sale on Amazon, they were also eligible for subscribe and save and for the prime discount. I ordered a box of them in the 3 oz sized bags, but then I saw they had smaller 0.8 oz bags and I wanted that size. I knew form previous experience that if you cancelled a subscription before it shipped, it would cancel the first shipment too. So, I cancelled the order for the 3 oz ones and ordered the 0.8 oz ones instead. And 2 days later, my box of 24 0.8 oz bags of yummy salt & vinegar Pop chips showed up.

And 2 days later, a bigger box of 12 3 oz bags of yummy salt & vinegar Pop chips showed up. I was unhappy. I didn't want this many bags of chips. So, I logged on and tried to process a return and it wouldn't let me. Now, I was getting annoyed so I sent customer service an email. I stated that I'd be willing to pay for return shipping but I didn't want these chips and I'd like a refund.

A day later, I received an email from them stating that food items cannot be returned. But, they were processing a refund for me in the whole amount of the transaction. And a day after that, I had an email confirming my refund. I really don't want all these chips (I'll probably bring them to work and give them away) but I didn't expect them to just give me my money back. This is just another example of the wonderful customer service I have always received from Amazon and it reaffirms my decision to keep shopping from them.

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