Monday, February 07, 2011

3 months old

Oliver turned 3 months old today. Already? Do I sound like a broken record when I say, "where's the time going?" Or do all parents go through this?

We had a weight check for him on Friday because Jeff and I are worried he's not eating enough. He weighed in at 12 lbs 4 ounces, which was at the 25th percentile. He was at the 25th at his 2 month check up too. So, he's gaining on his curve, he hasn't dropped so we are all happy. His daily intake is still not quite at the place the doctor would like it to be. She said he should be drinking close to 30 ounces a day. His average is 24-25 and some days it's as low as 19-20 ounces. But, once again, with the weight gain being where it's at, she isn't worried yet. Another month and we can start experimenting with foods, maybe that'll give him a good growth spurt.

Oli also watched his first Superbowl game yesterday and he wasn't overly impressed. In fact, he showed his unhappiness by spewing a whole feeding all over my head. Yay for new mommy milestones too. I have been peed on and now I've been puked on. I was playing with him, holding him over my head, like I do a dozen or more times a day. This time, he just didn't like it, I guess. I saw it coming and closed my eyes and mouth but I had to take a shower right away.

Speaking of the Superbowl, unless they change the date or time of the game or declare the following Monday a federal holiday, yesterday was the LAST Superbowl party Jeff and I will be throwing. Or attending. I am beyond exhausted and I cannot even imagine Jeff's mental state after 2 hrs of commute this morning. We didn't even stay up that late, I think we were asleep before 10:30. But, we just can't do this on a school night anymore. I woke up an hour later than usual this morning, which means I got to work an hour later than usual, which means I'll be fighting commuter traffic to get home today. And mommy don't like that.


Shauna said...

Wow, I can't believe he is already 3 months old! Oliver looks great.

I wouldn't worry about how much he drinks. He is gaining fine. I have had problems not trying to obsess about how much food Lila eats. At 9.5 months, she only drinks about 17-20 oz. a day. Given she was on a feeding tube for 5 months and has had to relearn to drink, but she is happy and developing, so I am now finally starting to relax! Plus, I think most kids drink less when they start solids. Oli will tell you what he needs!

Hope to meet the little guy sometime!

Syl said...

Shauna, I saw photos of Lila on FB, she's looking healthy and cute and adorable. Thank you for your comment!

Angie said...

Wow... time is flying - I can't believe it has been 3 months since I have seen you!

You need to pick a Friday for lunch... or the Friday/Sunday of President's Day weekend for dinner plans!

anjuli said...

I'm buying a headdress for myself. Can't deal with hair getting messed up. :D

We should have a pre-superbowl party. That way it'll be a Friday/Saturday :)

kimberbat said...

He's gaining fine! Those percentiles are just averages and don't mean anything. I don't even look at Jack's chart...

We didn't start Jack on solids until he was about 6 1/2 or 7 months old. Our pediatrician said it reduces the chance of food allergies by 80% if you hold off until they're at least 6 months old. It's definitely a lot more trouble (and messier!) to feed him now, so I'd say hold off as long as you can. :)