Monday, July 15, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly of toddlerhood

Dear Oli,

We are 4 months away from your 3rd birthday, yet this weekend felt like we had a belligerent teenager in the house. Let's start with the ugly. Just this morning, you threw a tantrum because I picked out shorts that were not acceptable so after cajoling, arguing, threatening, talking to you and asking you to pick out what you'd like for 10 minutes while you just stood there with your lower lip stuck out at me, I had to walk out and get your dad to go in. And out you walked in the same pair of shorts I had picked out. Then, you asked me to put you in your car seat but started crying when I did, because you wanted to climb in on your own. what was that all about kiddo?

And the bad? This was just a continuation of the weekend. Let's not lie, this wasn't the best weekend as far as behavior goes, from you or as a result, from me.  I might have raised my voice, threatened to throw away your nightlight in the garbage can, give you away to roaming Gypsies, screamed into my pillow, cried into my beer ....

BUT that's not why I started this post. I want to remember all the good, because there's a lot of good. We tend to remember all the negative and I am trying to let go of those memories and only remember that you went pee on the big potty every day. I want to remember how you sat through dinner at a restaurant Saturday night, ate your food and let us eat ours (well, thanks to the iPad but still, it's rare). I want to remember the dance party you and I had yesterday when everyone else was asleep. How you giggled and laughed maniacally as I threw you on my shoulders and danced around the kitchen. How you were excited to accompany me on my run Saturday morning and then went to take the dog out with me too. How you constantly remind me you are not a baby anymore and you are getting bigger.

You don't have to remind me Olibug, I can see you growing in front of my eyes. I want you to slow down, yet I cannot wait to see what every new sunrise will bring with it. You are learning to tell stories, you make up songs to sing, you absolutely love playing baseball and sliding into the make believe bases on our carpet. You are still very fascinated with trucks and Lightening McQueen. So much so, that we might have bought a second one and hidden it, just in case you ever lose the first one. Shhhhh, nobody tell him and he can't read this yet.

You love to be silly and play with anybody and everybody who'll play with you. I think these 2 photos show your wonder and your silliness:

Being silly on board the USS constellation
Feeling the raindrops

We love you, Oliver, just slow down a teensy weensy bit and be my baby just a little bit longer.