Friday, April 25, 2014

So proud of my baby

who would yell and say he's not a baby anymore! With all the tribulations of having a threenager whose mood swings from maniacally ecstatic to the heart-wrenching wailing (no cause needed) is physically tiring, I really need to remember to document all the good days we have with Oli. He's really such a good boy, most of his tantrums are at dropping play and eating dinner. However, I bet our neighbors think we are strangling his favorite pet right in front of his eyes, if they were to analyze the echoes of cries seeping underneath our entrance door into the hallways.

I said I'd focus on the good.

We watched a precious 2.5 year old for our friends Gill & Gina a few days ago. Dale is so cute and Oli is a big fan of "baby Dale." So much so that after an initial meltdown, that probably resulted from me feeding Dale and ignoring Oli, Oli followed Dale around all evening. If Dale was on the ground, Oli was on the ground. If Dale was playing Alphabet games on his iPad, Oli was doing the same. Aren't they just adorable together?
This was their favorite position
I think they are on eTrade

Another event where Oliver just totally stole my heart by being on his best behavior. We took him to the zoo last Sunday. I had him in the Ergo, on my back and it was perfect. The weather was nice, the animals were out. He asked me once that he wanted to walk and I explained that by being on my back, he could see all the animals easier. 3 times when he spied the carousel, he said he wanted to go on it, and I told him as soon as we'd seen the animals and were ready for lunch, he could get on the carousel. The kid didn't argue even once. I expected a tantrum at least about the carousel and definitely by the third time, but no, he said "ok," and we walked on by. He said he was tired after we saw the elephants and it was close to his lunch time, so I asked if he wanted to go eat. He said "First I want the carousel, then I will be tired." LOL I love him!

Here's a photo of us with the cheetah:

Out of the mouths of babes ...

Even though I posted some of these on Facebook, I want to keep a stabler record of things Oli's said that just amazes us and sometimes brings us to laughter.

Oli's eating a rare Happy Meal and they gave him 2 apple bags. I put his burger, fries and 1 bag of apple son his plate. He asked for the second and I said, if you finish everything else, you can have the second bag of apples. After 5 minutes, he asks for the apples and I asked him if his plate was empty.

He says, " It's empty," pauses and then says "of apples!!!"

Another dinner time. He's eating his and asking me for candy. I told him he could have a piece after he finished his dinner. After a while, he says that he's too full. I asked him if there was any room in his belly and he said no. So I said, "well, then there's no room in your belly for candy." He pointed to his chest and said that there was a little room there. when I told him to fill it with food, he replied vehemently, "but, mom, that's only room for a piece of candy!!!"

We asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. At first he didn't understand me, so I said well your mommy and daddy work on computers, your mausi is a doctor, your dadu and bua are scientists, what do you want to do when you are big like us?

His response? "I want to work in the building where you go to after you drop me off at school."

Yay, I'll be changing his diaper way into his adulthood ...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our time

Weekend mornings are ours - Oli and mine (95% of the time). He starts stirring and I'll go into his room. He very cutely will ask me to snuggle with him for a few minutes (in those exact words). snuggling seems to be his favorite thing. I hope he keeps wanting to snuggle with us for a while.

I am leaving for Denver tomorrow and won't be here for our weekend snuggles while everyone else is still sleeping. I will miss them (though I might be able to steal some snuggles from a 3month old).

He is like me in the morning, up and ready to go as soon as he's awake.

I found these on my phone from a few weeks ago and love his animation, his smile, and you can almost hear his laughter.
Climbing all over mommy
Ahh, too bright, mom
You can see the smile

I love you bugaboo, save some snuggles for when I get back.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow day injury

This was the first time this winter we needed to dig our cars out. I spent about 45 minutes the first day (Thursday, I think), digging my car out after the first set of snow was done. About 13 inches of snow behind my car, on the sides and atop it. My muscles ached. My right hand hurt from holding the handle. My shoulders screamed form lifting and dumping.

But, that's not what caused an injury.

Then, the ice came. Jeff and I went out Friday and spent an hour and a half (more him than me), and now shoveled heavy ice laden snow. The middle of the road in front of our condo was iced over and I had to cross that, holding the shovel full of snow and ice. Slipped a couple times, doing a weird dance. My hands froze from picking up huge chunks of ice and snow and throwing them to the side.

The shovel gave up it's life but, I didn't hurt myself then.

Then, my parents, Oli and I spent hours Friday buying grocers, 3 stores for tat. Then, I dropped off my parents at DSW to replace my dad's stolen sneakers while I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to replace the broken shovel. I bought 3 (steel tipped, non-steel tipped and one for Oli, of course). Ran through a parking lot with 3 shovels, sloshing through slush.

I might have looked crazy but I didn't get hurt there.

Then, I went back to DSW to see if dad found shoes. I walked in fast, almost running through the aisle, trying to get to the coveted clearance section.

That's when I smacked my right knee into the metal corner of a bench, and hurt myself. Pain this morning from knee to hip.

So, in the middle of crazy snow/ice storms, I get hurt running through a shoe store.

Only me.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I shouldn't have written that post

I jinxed us

The very helpful lady at STOP 4 had me fill out the wrong form.
She had me write the wrong amounts on both checks.

The thought of going back there today makes me shudder!