Friday, August 03, 2012

Y'all are making my head and heart ache

That's what I wrote as a response to an online mommies group I belong to and intermittently post on. Because of numerous Chik-fil-a and related threads.

Let me state my stance. I have and will continue to avoid eating at CFA. I have and will continue to support organizations like JC Penney and Target who, even if for financial reasons, have shown themselves willing to buck so called tradition and show their support of humanity, no matter what shape, size or sexuality it comes in. Even if I believe in freedom of speech, and even if I believe that every person, including a corporate officer of a large business has the right to say whatever and support whoever, I believe more in the basic human right to love whoever a person falls in love with. And, making a life with that person, and having or adopting and raising children with that person. Why should I or you who is attracted to somebody of the opposite sex get to say it's wrong to be attracted to a person of the same sex? Some decades ago, Jeff and my marriage wouldn't have been acceptable, because we aren't of the same race.

Some people are stating that let's make their "civil unions" similar to marriage but they still wouldn't be married. Oh, the proponents of this situation are stating that homosexual couples would have all the same rights as married couples. It would be same but not. Does anybody remember "separate but equal?" You know, separate schools for "colored" folks; they'd have all the amenities as the white schools but they'd be different. Anybody who argues that this is equality is a fool. A moron. Or somebody who doesn't want to acknowledge there is discrimination happening against people because of who they are.

This is exactly similar, just another characteristic of a human being that the majority doesn't like. It threatens their belief system, so let's marginalize that group. Hide them away. Not give them equal rights.

It pains me to raise a child in this world. I am being brutally honest. A world where a lesbian can be beaten into a pulp because of who she's attracted to; a world where a pastor cares more about his job than marrying 2 loving individuals because of the color of their skin; a world where we refuse to acknowledge that love can exist in many forms; a stupid fucking world where people compare allowing the marriage of a human being to another of the same gender to allowing a human being to marry an animal.

I am not afraid of how to explain gay love to my child. I am not afraid of explaining a family with 2 moms to my child. I am afraid of explaining all this hate against our fellow humans. I am afraid of him not finding acceptance from his fellow human beings if he's gay. I am afraid of him growing up in a prejudiced, narrow minded world.