Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Protect & Serve

Well, we got a couple inches of ice and snow last night and my work was delayed by 4 hours. So, I am sitting on the couch, Oli is napping next to me, I've got a mindless action/drama Death Sentence playing on TV where some cops and all of Kevin Bacon's family just got killed when my doorbell rings. I thought it might be UPS or Fedex so I buzzed the door and went outside.

It's a Howard County cop. I said hi, he said hi, I looked confused, he said, didn't you call? I say no, he verifies my unit number and states you called. I state no I didn't. He says, "but you came out here really fast like you were expecting somebody." In my head I am thinking, dude, what's it to you how fast I came out but out loud I said, "I thought it might be UPS or Fedex."

So, he calls dispatch to confirm the address and all I hear is the house number and the unit number which match mine. I am freaking out now thinking somebody called the cop to my house. I am also wondering if the smoke alarms I set off earlier warming up my aloo parathas set some alarm off at the cop station. To verify again, I say the name of my street and he says, "oh I thought this was ABC (not my street), not XYZ (my street)." I heave a huge sigh of relief and say, "oh no, that's a different street, have a good day."

This is the sort of excitement I can live without!

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Angie said...

Just hope if you ever do need to call them they get the street correct!