Monday, February 28, 2011

16 weeks

That's how old Oli turned yesterday. That's how long it's been since I did anything to my hair. I went and got a trim right after he was born just so it would remain healthy. But, I wanted to grow it out and it had been a whole year before then since I had done anything to it. Well, it grew some but then starting last month, I started losing it by the clumps. Apparently, it's the 3 month postpartum hair loss that can continue till Oli's a year old. And I have been wearing it in a pony tail since I got back to work and with the loss, it started looking really raggedy. So, off I went yesterday and got it chopped off. The hairstylist was shocked at how much I wanted off (4-5 inches) but I told her to just do it. Here's a photo. I might update it tomorrow after I get a chance to wash and dry (who am I kidding? I never dry my hair, let the air do it) it.


Angie said...

Very pretty!
I can't imagine letting it grow a year!!

Can you send me your address? I have something for Oli but need to get it to you before he gets to old... LOL

anjuli said...

Looks good! I don't remember the last time I got mine cut. It has been a while.

I'm going next month. Not looking forward to the hair loss part. I was already getting it before I got pregnant and it has stopped for now.

I let mine air dry too :D

Lea said...

I love the new cut!

And I know what you mean about drying it. Who has the time anymore anyway, right?

Syl said...

Lea, you know it!

Anjuli, chop it off right now, it'll save you time later :-P