Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Sign of a GREAT weekend: baby out like a light
This weekend was busy! Fun, but busy.

Look at the death grip
Saturday, we started another round of swimming lessons for Oli. We did a 6 week round last year. Problem was I started him in February, it was cold outside. He also got a bad bout of diaper rash by the 4th session and we thought it was the chlorine in the water, so we stopped. We know now it's just his extra sensitive skin. So, hopefully, with the weather being warm, we'll finish the 6 week session with just one out of town interruption (we are going to Ocean City for the Memorial Day weekend).
Happy now
He did good. He clung to me at the beginning and didn't like being on his back. But, then we discovered a ball in the pool and he couldn't be happier. He and another little boy started throwing it towards each other. By the end, Oli was kicking his legs, while on his belly, and jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms.

Saturday night, we had a wonderful time at Gill & Gina's house, where we pushed Oli's bedtime to 9 p.m. and paid for it. Anytime we keep him up later than 7:30, his sleep is bad through the night and he gets up earlier the next day, all crankified. He'll go to sleep anywhere if we put him down between 7 and 7:30, and moving him from there to the car and then to his bed doesn't affect him. So, this teaches us a lesson to stick to his plan, and not mess with it.

Sunday morning, we went to his buddy Carl's house for a Mother's Day brunch. Can you believe Jeff and I didn't get a single photo? We really took it easy while the boys played in the yard and on the deck. Oli managed to smack the right side of his forehead, under his eyebrow, on the deck because he wanted to carry a broom 3 times his size up the steps. It was swollen after his nap but seemed to do better after a warm compress. We took him for a ride on his trike in the afternoon, and then Jeff grilled up some kabobs for dinner. It was a beautiful weekend to be outside.

So, let's get back to the swollen eye. Everyone who knows Jeff and me knows that I am a little more laid back about boo-boos than Jeff is. So, when Oli took a spill, I looked real quick and seeing no blood, said, oh you are good. Took the broom away from him and sent him off to play. Jeff had looked at his face and said something about a swollen eye. I thought he was overreacting. Fast forward to some hours later, Oli walks out of his room after his nap and his right eyelid was so swollen. I could have cried! I felt like such a huge failure. I did the warm compress and cuddled him tight (as much as he'd let me). But, man oh man, did I feel like the worst mother in the whole wide world. So, here's a little note to my little bug:

Dear Oli,

I might fail at kissing your boo-boos when they happen or realizing you are hurt more than I can see at first sight. I might fail at trying to take away your paci and I might fail at keeping your bedtime schedule. I might fail at grabbing that food you just let Smokey lick and put in your mouth. I might fail at stopping you from touching a random car in the parking lot because you want to feel it and say "cuck" (truck). I might fail at not realizing that the food you just grabbed from my plate might be too spicy for you and then giving you more because you want more and the world might end if I don't give you more right there and then. I am sure I'll fail at more things than I can count before you become a parent yourself some day.

But, I promise you this, I will try my best and give my all to not fail where it matters most. I will never fail to hug you and kiss you when I do realize you are hurt. I will not fail at letting you explore the world the way you see fit. I will not fail at being your staunchest supporter through everything you want to do.

Including trying to wear and walk in your momma's shoes.

I hope you'll be proud to have me as your mom just as I am proud to call you my baby every single day of my life. I love you, my bug, Your mom.

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