Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pre-plan fail

So, last month, we realized going out to dinners with Oli might be too ambitious. He doesn't stand still for even a few minutes. He sits in his high chair at home long enough to inhale his food, then he's gone. He's so busy, things to do, people to see, balls to throw, cars to carry around, dog to terrify, dog bone to chew on ...

So, I came up with a plan, I looked at our calendars in May and June and came up with 3 nights that Jeff and I could go out to dinner alone, as adults. I contacted the babysitter, she was available. Woohoo, perfect. You'd think so. Here are the dates and what's happened to them:

  • May 20: Initially asked her to sit from 5-7; now changed it to much much later because Nabheet and Cindy are visiting. 
  • June 9th: Same time frame, now moved to June 16 instead because I am doing a 2 mile walk with Jackie and her friends on June 9th in Baltimore.
  • June 24th: Same time frame, so Jeff and I could have dinner out for my birthday and the next day, on my actual birthday, we'd do something with Oli. Realized June 23rd is a brew fest at our favorite Victoria Gastro Pub, so we probably won't go out June 24th.
Way to plan ahead, Sylvie! I feel like I should apologize to our wonderful babysitter, Kelly. My head is spinning from all the changes, I don't want to imagine what she thinks of me right now.

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