Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter, 17 months and WHOA tantrums

Oliver turned 17 months old this past weekend. What does that mean for us?
  • grand total of 14 teeth, top 2 canines being the last ones to cut through.
  • he's sleeping in his own room, in a big boy bed. Actually, in a big human queen sized bed. He can climb in and out easily, and usually walks out in the morning and comes finds me to wake me up. It's awesome to wake up to a tiny head on my side of the bed "talking" to me.
  • He's "talking" constantly. I have no clue what he's saying 99.5% of the time but it's obvious he's speaking sentences.
  • So, us not understanding him? Means we get loud, back arching, feet stomping, floor hurling, big fat tear crying tantrums. Because we didn't understand him and get him what he wanted before he finished saying it. Which is why Easter morning started off like the photo on the right.
Speaking of Easter, this was bub's second Easter.
  • He sort of enjoyed the basket we made him. He ate a marshmallow bunny ear, only because Is tuck it in his mouth. He had a piece of peanut butter chocolate egg and that was all he'd have. What he absolutely loved were Pop Rocks. It was hilarious, we could hear them popping in his mouth and he just sat there enjoying them. He also preferred the eggs with the cheerios and crackers in them to any of the toys we got him. Teaches me to spend money on him.
  • We went out to brunch to Alexandra's at Turf Valley. It was ok, but I think we've reached the limit on going out to meals with Oli. He's at an age where he wants to run around. I can confine him for 10 minutes at home while he inhales his food but then he gets to run around. Not so at restaurants. So, I am seeing a lot less going out togetehr for the 3 of us for a few months or so.
  • Funniest part of yesterday was when he looked at the big ol' white bunny and said "arf," patted his leg and said "da," which is dog.
Easter 2011
Easter 2012
Look at how much he's grown in a year. Last year, he could have fit in that basket!

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