Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I survived a solo flight with toddler!

I should get a medal, a sash, a pat on the back, well, at the least, I deserve the big bar of Russian chocolate I inhaled yesterday at my desk. Last weekend, I flew with Oli down to Wilmington, NC from Saturday through Monday, on a total of 4 flights. I mentioned in my Christmas vacation post that he had a terrible time with landings. So, I was really dreading these flights, and he didn't have his own seat (booked too late, too expensive yada yada, next time I'll pay through the nose but he'll have his own seat).

Let me back up. We flew out at 5:15 a.m. Saturday, with a layover in Charlotte, finally landing in Wilmington at 8 a.m. He was pretty fussy the first flight, didn't want to sit still in my lap and my back was killing me by the time we landed from containing him. He cried on the landing because of his ears and this was after Ibuprofen, Benadryl and a pacifier. Needless to say, I was dreading the second flight, and he screamed the whole take off. I had to hold him so tight in my lap, but he just wanted to run. I felt horrible!!! But, he fell asleep as soon as we were in the air and stayed asleep till we landed in Wilmington.

He had so much fun at my sister's house with her and my parents. He was proud of himself as he walked up and down the 2 flights of stairs. We went to the NC Azalea festival, where I tried alligator and shark kebobs. Shark tasted like fish, and the alligator had it's own unique taste. I can't say if I liked it or not because it was new. And no, it did not taste like chicken.

I was so afraid of my flight back on Monday, at 5:24 am, with both legs being full flights and no empty seats on the planes. But, it couldn't have gone better. He slept on the first flight into Charlotte, and he was pretty entertained with the iPad and his Baby Signing DVD for the second flight. But, as soon as we landed, he wanted to be off and running down the aisle. Started crying when I wouldn't let him go. I stood up and rocked him in the aisle till he quieted down. Everybody around me was so nice, the guys started talking to him, and making jokes with him about being stuck on the plane.

I survived my flights with the toddler alone. He survived his flights without his own seat. We survived them together. But, it just reinforced my decision to try and always have his own seat on a plane. He was soo good overall though. Thanks bubs!

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