Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation

The following things really helped keep him calm and entertained for most of the flight from CA to MD: 
But, nothing could help him with his ears through the landings. Take-offs, he handled without any problems. But, 20 minutes of every landing was a pain filled scream fest :(. Hopefully, as he gets older, it'll get easier on his poor ears. But, overall, the travel went well.

Was going to say I'll write about all the fun we had in the 70 degree weather in CA later, but we didn't do much. Jeff and I caught Mission Impossible while Oli entertained the grandparents at home. I managed to get a run in a couple days. We went to the park nearby almost daily. We ate great homemade meals. I read 6 books. Yes, 6. on my iPad and iPhone. It was amazing! Jeff got a nap every day.

All in all, a perfect vacation!


Angie said...

What are toy bungees?
We are so not ready for this... Yet already thinking about going back to the UK for Christmas next year...

Syl said...

Click on the link, I used them to attach his toys to his high chair, stroller and the airplane seat so I didn't have to crawl around looking for things he throws down.