Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy anniversary to us

6 years. Where does time go? Seems like just a few weeks ago I was waiting in the car fuming because the officiant hadn't shown up and wasn't answering his phone. But, he did. And, we got married.

Our marriage isn't perfect.
I am not perfect. Jeff's not perfect.

But, we are perfect for each other. We know and accept each other's shortcomings. We try and help each other overcome those shortcomings. We get mad at each other. Sometimes irrationally. Sometimes justifiably. We make up. We laugh at the stupidest things. But, we laugh together. Sometimes, we cry together. We go off on tirades about the bad drivers out there because obviously we are the best.

He loves and respects my family. I love and respect his. And, our families love and respect each other.

More importantly, Jeff and I like each other.

It's not all roses and rainbows all the time. Remember, at the beginning, how I said it's not perfect? There are issues. In us. In our marriage. We work on them daily. And, we'll continue to work on them. Because someday, this happy 6 will be happy 16, then 26 ... and who knows, like my sis said, maybe even a Happy 60 someday.

I wouldn't want it to be anybody else.

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Anjuli said...

What? Don't want Bruce Willis? :D
Happy Anniversary Again!!

Maybe we should celebrate 10 together ;)