Thursday, January 05, 2012

So, it's a new year, you say?

Let's talk about everything that happened in 2011:
  • We introduced Oli to the beach, and it didn't go well. He didn't care for the waves or the sand.
  • I went back to work and Oli started daycare. I can honestly say that if I had to pick anybody to take care of Oli, besides family members, I could not have asked for a better set of women than the ones he had in his baby room. He and his teacher, Miss Shirley, had a connection so strong that he cried when she went home for the day. She took his bottles home "by accident." ;-) Jeff and I were truly sad when Oli was moved up to the toddler room. Miss Shirley still drops by to see him every now and then.
  • So, that's the second thing, Oliver got moved up to the toddler room towards the end of 2011.
  • I had my annual ER visit. As an update, there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage to the finger. The nail has grown back out fully. There's just a spot on the finger where the skin didn't totally grow back together seamlessly. But, overall, it's all good.
  • Oli attended his first baseball game
  • We left Oli with my parents and Jeff and I took 4 days away in Gettysburg, PA.
  • Oli had his first flight, then his second flight and then a third flight ... all in 2011.
  • We attended my cousins' (I should say brothers' since we grew up like siblings) marriages, in CA and CO.
  • Oli got his first ear infection and a bout of strep.
  • I participated in sending baked goods abroad to soldiers.
  • Oli turned 1!
  • We spent Christmas in CA with the Williams' side of the family.
  • Jeff and I saw a lot of acts in Baltimore and VA: Pat Benatar, Jimmy Buffet, Toby Keith, Bob Seger, Lewis Black, Black Eyed Peas and Trace Adkins. We crossed off quite a few names from our "want to see before we die" list.
As you can see, it was a busy, busy year for this family. When I wrote about the ending of 2010 and entering 2011, these were the things we wanted to do in 2011:
  • watching Oli grow and seeing his personality emerge

  to this:

What a change! Our bubs turned 1, crawled, then walked, and is now running! He has 8 teeth, 4 top and 4 bottom and has a molar emerging right now, even as I type this. He doesn't have any distinct words yet but he "talks" all the time. He knows the signs for dog, daddy, milk, fish, hello. He waves goodbye, claps his hands, stomps his feet and has a few dance moves. He loves playing with the new kitchen he got for Christmas and some trucks. He still loves being silly on the ground, rolling around, crawling over us, giving us hugs and open mouthed sloppy kisses.
  • working on getting Jeff a job closer to home; the 2 hr commute each way is a bummer to say the least
Done! Jeff no longer has a 2 hr commute each way to work. He works a few miles from me, so we get to carpool almost everyday. You have no idea how much more quality time we have together. We get to eat dinner together as a family everyday. He gets to do Oli's bath time daily and be there before he falls asleep.
  • making a visit out to the West Coast
Did this twice last year, once for my cousin's reception and then for Christmas.
  • maybe getting a cruise in, specially since they all now leave out of Baltimore
This one thing we didn't get to do, so I'll add it to 2012.
So, here's our list for 2012:
  • Enjoy watching Oli learn, thrive, and grow
  • Take a Cruise
  • Take Oli to the Baltimore Zoo and the Aquarium
  • Take Oli to the beach again. Now that he's played in the sand and seems to enjoy his bathtub, maybe he'll view the beach and the water as just a bigger bathtub and play yard for him
  • Start researching houses. The condo is big enough for us but there isn't enough outdoor space for Oli to play in.
  • I'd like to see Lady Gaga if she comes through this area on tour
  • Spend less, save more
  • Eat less, work out more
  • Take more family photos. Going through my 2011 photos, there is an embarrassing lack of photos with Jeff, me and Oli in them
 So, there you have it folks! Oliver would like to wish you all a clean beginning to 2012:

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