Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st day back to work

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed
  • I was ready at 5:30; Oli was fed, just needed to get his clothes on.
  • His bags were ready, my bags were ready.
  • Found out we had a 4 hr delay; yippee. Decided to just stay up and treat is as a dry run for normal days. Did some grocery shopping at Super Fresh. Cleaned the ice off the car.
  • Got him to his daycare; realised I left his milk bottles at home. Got him settled in and then drove back home and brought his milk to them.
  • Forgot my lunch. Ate half a bag of gingerbread cookies. Now nauseous and have a headache form all the sugar.
  • Signed Oli up for swim lessons; they start 2/19, 6 half hour sessions where both mommy and daddy can get in the pool with him. Should be fun. I am terrified of drowning and can swim in a pool barely. I don't want Oliver to be like that.
  • Managed to not call the daycare to ask how he's doing.
Time to go pick him up. Here's hoping he had a happy day!

Edited: 1/19/2011 1:48 p.m.

So, everyone seems to think I should be a pile of mush and tears because Oliver is in daycare. I am not. He's in wonderful hands. When I went to pick him up yesterday, he was fast asleep. He awoke for the drive home, cooing at his little bears. He stayed up for the evening, napping a bit right before bathtime & bedtime. He didn't seem to have any negative feelings about having been away from mommy, daddy, Smokey and home. I am happy about that, since that's our only option right now. He has to go to daycare, mommy and daddy have to work and Smokey has to sleep all day at home.

We did it all again this morning. I was about 15 minutes later than I would have like to be with his drop off and me starting work, so not too bad. Only forgot my breakfast today, once again, not too shabby. I called the daycare at lunchtime and he was napping after finishing a bottle. His teacher said he was smiling and playing before falling asleep. So, he's doing well. And, so am I. I like my job and that makes it easier coming back.

Just have to get adjusted to the new schedule and hope I don't forget him at the daycare some day!


Angie said...

If you forget him, let me know - I can keep him for a night!

lucidkim said...

Ha! I had that same thought - that I might forget my daughter at daycare - and just drive home. I had her when I was 33 and my routine was ingrained - but I never forgot her. :) I also was glad to get back to work after maternity leave - but I loved my little girl to pieces. :) Glad things are going well.

Anjuli said...

For the record, I didn't think you'd be mushy :D. I don't see myself being like that too. I know I'll be ok as long as I'm comfortable with knowing that my kids at daycare will be ok. :)

Oh and I can totally see myself forgetting to pick them up. I am so absentminded some days and I can see myself going on auto pilot home! Hopefully, it won't happen.

And, Smokey is living the life LOL.