Friday, January 28, 2011

USPS: not so dreaded anymore

What do you think of when you have to mail a package? Let me tell you, till last week, I had visions of long lines, slowly moving, employees trying to sell me additional products and services when all I want to do is mail a package first class without any singing telegrams notifying me when it gets there. So, imagine what was going through my head this morning when I woke up with a scratchy throat and burning lungs and the knowledge that I had to mail 2 packages and get postage for a third package to be mailed from NC (from my sister's place). I was ready to burrow back into my blankets and not get out of bed just at the thought of having to go to the post office.

Well, I logged into Amazon (all packages were somehow related to my Amazon account, 1 return, 2 sales) and noticed they have a link that says "buy postage." I clicked on that and oh my lordy! I not only printing packing slips and mailing labels, I even paid for shipments - 2 from here in MD and 1 from NC. All I have to do is hand the packages to my mail carrier. And I did all this without being frustrated at standing in a line, without even needing to drive anywhere in the cold, actually without even getting out of my PJs.

I also created an account online with USPS and paid for postage for a package last week. There are limited options there, for example you can't send something just first class but if you have an item that needs insurance, priority mailing, confirmation etc., it's really useful. You have to know the weight of the package but almost all of us have either a scale for ourselves or our food at home and between those two, your items should be covered. With the Amazon items, it was even easier because Amazon lists the shipping weights of their items on the selling page.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the post office. Now that I never have to set foot in their building ever again.

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Angie said...

If you ever need something bigger done LMK, you can stop at my office and I can do it UPS... LOL