Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday, busy Sunday

Today involved:
  • An extra hour sleep for mommy, since Jeff got up at 6 with Oli and let me sleep in
  • Meal planning and cooking for the week (homemade sloppy joes, chicken and green beans in green curry sauce and Indian style mixed veggies with paneer)
  • grocery shopping at Costco (we got there before they opened and my goodness, I thought we'd get run over by the mob waiting to get in)
  • laundry done and put away - just one load of diapers but still it's done and put away where they belong, not on top of the washer
  • bathroom cleaned including steam cleaning the floor
  • rest of the floors vacuumed 
  • tummy time and floor play with the kid
  • daddy took a nap with Smokey and Oli
  • mommy went to the library and JC Penney (just returns, no purchases)
  • watched a Hindi movie - Dulha Mil Gaya; it was pretty entertaining and Oli enjoyed the music
  • watched part of a football game

Whew! Did today only have 14 waking hours?

Now it's bedtime folks. Good night!


Jenna said...

Did you watch the Steelers dominate?

Syl said...

I'm watching the refs make unfair calls against the Jets

Anjuli said...

Yes, definitely busy day. Our Sunday ended up busy too. Need more days off.

Yeah, our grocery store was also pretty packed for early morning. Hate that!

Awesome job on cooking!! It helps a lot.