Saturday, January 22, 2011

A week of firsts

He loves being Superman! And of course, Smokey had to be in the photo!
  1. First play date with other moms: I went to a friends' house who has a 2 year old boy, such a cutie. We met up with another friend who has an adorable daughter born a week after Oli. The 2 babies pretty much ate and slept while the 2 year old was so cute, he kept going into our diaper bags and bringing us things for the babies. I am looking forward to more play dates since we seem to know so many people who have babies within 2 years of Oli's age. Since Oli is our one and only (another blog post about that), it'll be nice to have all these friends and their kids.
  2. First week back at work: It's all good! I have a couple projects I am helping with and so even though it's not keeping me super busy, at least I am not sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs. I'll repeat the fact that I love my job and so, I am happy to be back at work.
  3. Oli's first week at daycare: It went great. Even though I might be a bit sad at the thought of him being happy away from me, it would be a lot worse if he was unhappy and crying the whole day there. He eats, sleeps, poops, and one day this week, he also flipped from back to belly! I immediately came home and put him down on the ground. then I focused my camera on him for 10 minutes, waiting for him to do it but of course, he didn't. I am not one of those parents who's upset that his daycare provider got to see him do something before us. He'll do it in front of us eventually. I'd rather he get all his development in wherever and whenever he needs to. The daycare is 5 minutes form my desk and they give me a written report at the end of the day. It details when he ate and how much, when he slept and for how long and when he had a diaper change. I really like them so far.
  4. Our first party with Oli: Last night, we went to a friend's holiday party with Oliver. As soon as we got there, he was taken form my arms and I saw him once to change his diaper and then after 4 hrs when we ready to go home. Mommy had some fun with her friends, got the chance to act silly and just let loose (another blog post about drinking and letting loose in front of our kids later) since I was comfortable with where we were and that he was being taken care of. We are very lucky to have the friends we have and to have the sort of mellow baby we've ended up with. He's amazing with people and that works in our favor.
  5. Our first outing without Oli and his first date with the babysitter: Today, Jeff and I went and saw Harry Potter while a babysitter watched Oli. She lives in our development and her boyfriend works for NSA. She herself is a nurse and has been an ER nurse for years. I sent her a text halfway through the movie asking how things were going and she sent me a text back with his photo asleep in her arms!
Those are the only firsts I can think of for this week but that's quite a few for 5 days!

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anjuli said...

That's quite an achievement for Firsts! Good boy Oli :)

Glad you like the sitter. And, I definitely like the fact that she's an Ex ER nurse.