Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oli's first flight (photo heavy)

was all the way to CA and he did so good!We flew Southwest, and had a layover in Phoenix on the way there. Oli did awesome with both take-offs and the landing at Phoenix. On the landing into Oakland, I forgot to wake him up in time to give him his bottle and his ears started popping while he was asleep, so he was crying for the last 10-15 minutes of the flight. But, otherwise, he flew like a pro.

Once we got there, he did everything you are supposed to do on vacation. Napped, played at the playground, even got some video game time in with daddy.

We had my cousin's wedding reception to attend; don't my boys look handsome? I had shoes for Oli but they came off even before we left the house. So, I left them off, his socks were dressy enough. He had so much fun at the reception, he would raise his hands and shriek when everyone clapped at the speeches. He tried all the food that we had and then he passed out, sans pants.
He met some new people this time. He met his great-grandma, my mom's mom; he met his Aunt Jenny and Uncle Chris.

He also met my mom's brother and his wife for the first time but I can't find a photo of my uncle, but here's my aunt. He was fascinated by the shiny sari.

He met his soon-to-be Aunt Cindy, who he got fresh with and gave some smooches to as soon as they met. We figured out eventually, he just wanted to eat her pendant.

The flight back was a little worse for us, since we had 2 stops, no plane changes, but that meant 3 take-offs and 3 landings. He did so good with all take-offs and the first 2 landings. The last landing, he was just tired of being cooped up, tired of the 12 hr day and probably hurting from the air pressure. So, he cried for a half hour or so before we landed. I have tons of photos that I'll upload to Facebook when I have more than 10 minutes to myself at home. So, probably this Sunday.

Here's a photo of him with his grandparents:

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