Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First time away from the bubs

4 days without seeing him. 2 calls a day to my mom. 1 video chat.

And, after all that, it was so amazing to come home Monday evening to this:

Yay, you are home!
Which changed into this after just a few kisses from mommy:

Daddy save me!

2 days in Gettysburg, just lounging, taking it easy, sampling some local wines, some microbeers, dinner with great friends, eating at some great local joints.

We stayed at the historic Gettysburg Hotel, which is now owned by Best Western. It was right in the middle of town, perfect spot for us to walk anywhere from. We went to see the Gettysburg Diorama the first day. It was the perfect start for me, since I didn't know much about the battle, it gave me an overview and pointed out all the important landmarks. So, the second day, when we did the tour, I could see the whole picture in my head as we drove through the different parts.

I am proud to say I even ran one day on my vacation. Now, the plan was to run everyday, so I should be ashamed of failing at that goal. But, the very first day, we got there and checked in. Jeff took a shower and a nap and I went to find the fitness room. It was in the basement, this 10X10 room, with a non working TV. Now, I listen to my iPod when I run but I like the distraction of moving photos. But, I started running. Within less than 10 minutes, I was so short of breath, the room was fogging up and I was having trouble lifting one foot after the other. I looked at the thermostat and it was 72, so I lowered it to 65 and ran some more. After another 10 minutes, it had only gone down to 71. I somehow managed to finish my run and stumbled outside. There were the laundromat and the kitchen right next to the work out room. Yeah, I didn't make it back down to the dungeons for exercise. But, for those who might worry for my health, I went back at work today and managed to do my regular run without too much of a problem.

It's good to be back. It was good to get away. BUT, we missed Oli so much! I am not sure we'll ever be able to do a child free vacation ... at least till he's at some annoying stage. But, right now, with all his cuteness, we are not letting him out of our sight overnight anytime soon.And, he turned 9 months on Monday! Pediatrician appointment today, so another blog post will be up tomorrow!

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