Monday, June 06, 2011

A finger + sharp blades = the ER

Most of you have already heard this via phone, email or Facebook. But, I thought I'd blog about it and then I couldn't decide if it belonged on the cooking blog becuase it did happen while I was cooking. In the end, I decided blood related info belonged here.

Looks so harmless, doesn't it?
Lost a battle with these blades
I was in the middle of making a lasagna, a chicken pot pie, some cake balls and pureeing broccoli for the kiddo. The photo on the left is the blender I was using. I was watching tv, some funny movie.

I was holding the blender in my right hand and I decided to scrape some broccoli stuck under the blades. You can see those bad boys in the photo on the right. I stuck my left index finger under the blades, something funny happened on tv, I laughed, jerking my right hand which hit the power switch. You get the idea.

So, the lesson learned this weekend? Order out and dine out instead of cooking :-P. No, seriously, unplug any electrical appliance, specially the ones with sharp pieces, before attempting to clean it.

Next post will have photos of the damaged finger, I will post a warning in the post heading so all you queasy, faint-hearted, passing out inclined types can stay out.

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Brenda said...

"I will post a warning..."

Appreciated. :)