Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mobile Monster

I was getting dinner ready and Oli had been playing on the living room floor, when he fell on his belly. Usually, he'll try to get up and then get frustrated, start screaming after a couple minutes. He didn't scream so I went out to look at him. He was on his knees and hands, going in circles!!! I started screaming for Jeff to come out and see him, then we are both screaming about where our camera was. I grabbed my phone, tried to get a video and SPLAT! Oli was on his belly. We tried to get some shots but he was done by then. I have some photos that show his movement. I see more grey hairs in my future! This is exciting, and scary at the same time. I already feel bad for Smokey.

Can you see his progression a little bit? I know they are blurry but I got the photos off of the video we tried to take.
he would get up off his belly like this
scoot other leg forward
and move a step

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Angie said...

You are in trouble now!