Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, you win

This is this morning and it's only 7:40 a.m. folks:

  • get to daycare and Oli spits up over my shoulder, down the back of my work shirt
  • drop him off, wlak to my building, wait, wait, wait for the elevator, it keeps bypassing the floor we're on. Finally, just gave up and walked up 3 flights in 4 inch heels.
  • walk towards automatic doors, they only open halfway and stop abruptly, smacking me in the forehead
You know what Monday? I am sorry I threw a gauntlet at you last week. I give up, I surrender, leave me alone please!

Now, for some cuteness, this is Oli's morning yesterday, in pictures:

He played like this for an hour, and yes, he is half nude again.
It was quiet all of a sudden, so I looked down to see this. Apparently, Jeff used to fall asleep like this as well.
We tucked him into his brand new blanket+sleeping bag for his nap

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