Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No cute baby pictures in here

This was my Mother's Day gift from Jeff. Not the shoes or the water bottle, but that tiny little white and orange thing atatched to my laces with the Apple and Nike logos on it. It's the Nike+. I wanted this last year when I was training for a 5K, so I could track my runs outside. But, it's no compatible with the iPhone 3, which is what I had then. Now, I have an iPhone 4 and this is compatible with that. Which means, I can use this to track my workouts, upload them to the Nike site and see how much better or worse I do as time goes on. I used it for the first time yesterday and it was GREAT. Took it literally a second or 2 to connect to my iPhone and start tracking my run. And, as you can see, Apple was nice enough to make the colors match my running shoes and my water bottle.

And, I lied, here's a cute baby picture to end the post with. What would a blog post be without an Oli photo? He fell asleep in the Ergo as we were taking a walk with the dog.


KT said...

I love my Nike+! It helps me so much with my runs and keeping track of paces. Have fun with it!

Anjuli said...

Awesome! I've heard only good stuff about Nike+. It's a good tool.

Oli looks so comfy :)