Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oliver's first baseball game

So, last Saturday, thanks to a friend, we took Oliver to his first O's game. They were playing the Cleveland Indians, and after a 9 game losing streak, they won. I'd like to say Oli was their lucky charm ;-). We took Oliver to fan services and they gave him a certificate that has his name and the date on it and states that this was his first game. He was so good, he stayed awake till almost 10 p.m., fascinated with the people, the lights, the sounds. And he charemd all the ladies around us. There was one behind us who kept talking to him and was absolutely in love with him.

Jeff was tickled pink at being able to take Oliver to the game; I think some of his fondest memories are of games with his dad and so I hope he can continue the tradition with Oliver. I can stay home and do my hair, watch Lifetime Movie Network, read a Harlequin Romance novel, drink a bottle of wine ... endless possibilities.

He was chewing on my necklace

Before the game, we had dinner at the Pratt Street Ale House. They have great food and very good beer. They ahve their own brewery and it's called Oliver Brewery, so of course we had to get some pics of our Oliver in front of their logo.

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