Thursday, April 12, 2012

A body in motion ...

Running shoes that should be replaced soon
tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. We've all heard the Newton's Law of Motion. It's usually taught pertaining to one instance in time, for example a boulder rolling down a hill. For me, it applies to my life as far as exercising and fitness is concerned. How? Let me explain.

If I start working out, I go to the gym daily. Which leads me to make choices like drinking 10+ cups of water a day, taking stairs instead of the elevator, lite Italian dressing instead of my favorite Caesar, park farther instead of stalking the walker through the lot, giving up chocolate so I can save myself for my 1 free Godiva truffle every month ...

But, the instant this momentum is interrupted, I get sick or go out of town, it's like my body forgets how good it felt to exercise. I'll go days just sitting around thinking about going to the gym. I'll eat the Hershey Kisses sitting at the co-worker's desk even though I don't care for them. I'll take the elevator going up or down 1 floor. I even go a whole day having had just a couple cups of coffee and no water.

So, if I start exercising, I can keep it going for days, weeks, months ...
Once something happens to stop me for a couple days, I am stopped.

Guess my goal now is to identify those spots and not let them stop me. I have been going for 3 weeks now, got sick one day and went right back to the gym the next day. I have 2 out of town commitments coming up this month and I have to ensure I don't let those derail me either.

So there, I am putting myself on notice to keep the momentum going in spite of any hurdles!

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