Wednesday, March 14, 2012


is hard
is tough
is heartbreaking
is frustrating

If we don't give in to his wants right away, he throws a tantrum, bangs his head on the floor, hurts himself. If we give in, we'll spoil him.

If he doesn't want the food I put in front of him, do I let him go without eating? Or do I give him something else, teaching him it's ok to be picky? (To be honest, this is rare)

If we put medicine on his gums, he screams like being tortured. If we don't, he cries through the night in pain.

Parenting is all about making a choice. Of whether to raise a spoiled brat or an adult who'll spend a lot of time on a therapist's couch.

Parenting is also

so heartwarming
so satisfying
so loving

When he runs to us at daycare, babbling happily that we are there.

When he walks out of his room, rubbing his eyes in the morning, and just lights up at the sight of us or even the dog.

When he holds his arms up for me to pick him and dance with him if there's music playing.

When he brings a book over  climbs into our laps and wants us to read to him.

When he giggles at us for no reason, or blows raspberries in our faces and laughs.

I said to Jeff last night "I love this little one so much, how did we ever live without him." And, that's absolutely true. Oli bug, we love you so very much and cannot remember that life without you. Ok, I lie, sometimes when you refuse to sleep for weeks, we try to remember the long nights of sleep we had. But, beyond that, it feels like you've always been with us.

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grace said...

I am feeling this same conundrum! I sooooo relate to the whole first half of this post!!!! (well, the second half too)