Friday, March 02, 2012

My next project

I need a project. A couple months ago, I thought it would be a new house. But, we didn't find anything we fell in love with, so we shelved that till next year. So, our current condo is my next project. Before Oli was born, we put a crib in the study, moved bookshelves out of there to the guest room and it worked. Now, he's out of the crib, which is taking up important room in the study.

We need to get rid of the crib and that ottoman, move the bookshelf back in, remove the decals and maybe the shelves, and repaint that wall.

Then, the guestroom is a whole another story. With his toys getting bigger, there was less room in there with the huge bed we had. Because of his toys, I moved the dresser into the closet, which makes it so cluttered. With the book shelf in here, there's barely any room to walk.

So, yesterday, I began the first step of my new project. Got rid of the huge bed. I freecycled it to a nice old couple, who came, dismantled it, and took it away. Far, far away from my guest bedroom.

You can see the before and after. The room already looks so much bigger. Oli slept pretty well on the mattress on the ground last night. I am thinking of getting a platform bed, where I don't need a box spring. Adding some metal decals on the back to look like a headboard, and putting a bookshelf on the wall above it.

But, once that book shelf is out of there, I can move the dresser back out, move his toy chest back into the closet, and reduce some clutter in the room.

It's all just churning in my head right now. I have a deadline of mid-April for this project, since we have grandparents visiting at the end of April and I'd like the guest bedroom to be in good shape for them. If it's not, they'll have the master and we'll take this room. But, I think it'll be done by then.

So, this is my next big project, it feels good to have something tangible to do and change, for the better, in the house. And, to have a plan towards it. We just have to see how it pans out. If anybody has ideas for the guest bedroom, share :) I don't want anything bulky, I want it light, black metal or maple wood colors.


Angie said...

Ikea trip!!
Even if you don't end up buying there - inspiration will strike!!

Syl said...

but that's like an hour away :(