Monday, March 12, 2012

What a wonderful weekend

Loves dancing with mommy
My little bubs surprised us this weekend. He said mama, learned to kiss, growled when asked what the doggy says and asked to dance with me :) Can you tell I am a happy mama after the weekend?

Let's start with the dancing. sometimes, when I am working in the kitchen, I'll turn the music on and let him dance around/empty my cupboards. Saturday, he kept asking me to pick him up and when I would, he would hold his hand out till I grabbed it and danced with him. He was so cute.

right after he gave daddy a kiss

He has also learned how to smack his lips like a kiss. He doesn't always get that to be a kiss, it has to be against somebody's cheek/lips etc. But, he did blow one kiss and then giggled after that. We tried to get photos of him kissing daddy, but after the first one, he was pretty over it.

cute flip flops form Old Navy
How can he be comfy?

We had a relaxing weekend. Both Oli and I had terrible allergy symptoms - swollen eyes, runny noses, sneezing, so we couldn't enjoy the sunny day outside. Instead, we took Oli to Arundel Mills on Sunday, got him some flip flops to celebrate the sunny weather. We tried to get him to ride the really small Merry Go Round and as you can see, he wasn't a fan. But, he was still pretty tired out by the end of the weekend. so much so, he fell asleep on the pillows.


and, he said mama while looking for me, or looking at me, so I know he knows what it means. FINALLY! About time, kiddo ;-) I LOVE YOU!

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