Thursday, March 08, 2012

16 months? what!

This little one turned 16 months old yesterday. I can't believe it. I can see myself saying this a gazillion times more, where does the time go?

My beautiful, handsome, fearless little boy. My strong willed, tantrum throwing, wants daddy only right now little boy. My exploring, running everywhere, torturing the dog little boy. Can you slow down just a little for mommy?

He picks out his own clothes almost every day now. I pull drawers open and he pulls out a shirt and pants. Looking at that photo on the left up top, I'd say he has great fashion sense.

He has started sitting through a whole book. Last night, we sat through 3 whole books and he was reaching for a fourth when I had to say, no, it's sleepy time. I LOVE it. I'd rather have a little boy who cries because we can't read another book before bed than having one who won't read anything.

He has started to test boundaries. We were at the mall and he kept giving me his sneaky look, and running out of the play area. So, we left. I strapped him back into the stroller and we walked the mall. We went back to the play area and he played nicely for an hour without trying to escape. He also gives us the same look right before upending his sippy and spilling milk or water. Screams like he's being tortured when we take the sippy away.

He's still fearless. I got this video of him at the mall, after he ran out of the play area yet again:

Happy 16 months, bug! You can be a pain in the butt quite often lately, but we love you and wouldn't change a thing about you. I just wish there was a way to preserve every moment and not forget every single thing you do. We love you - mommy and daddy and somedays Smokey too.

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