Friday, December 02, 2005

Bridal Shower

Tonight was my bridal shower (for my parents and sis, that's like a Ladies Sangeet), arranged by Christy Eyre and Erika Doyle and attended by:

Christy had everyone introduce themselves by telling their name, how they know me and what they were wearing that reminded them about me (that was part of the invite). Apparently, I wear a lot of black, jeans, jingle-jangling bangles, jewelry, and country music related things.

It was also surprising how people remembered meeting me first or how they remembered me. The following were common themes: parties, shopping and linedancing. Something that shocked me was being described as "bubbly." I don't think of myself as bubbly at all. In fact, I think I am one of the subtly sullen people at SI (nobody can beat my friend Choi, but then again, he's not so subtle).

As I was thinking of this, I also realised that I seem to be losing patience as I get older. Maybe I was bubblier last semester, but those bubbles are all gone now. I am more likely to get annoyed at people's little stupidities and less likely to tolerate it. I am less likely to talk to people and "get it out" and more likely to just let it go because I don't feel the need (I do however feel the need for Greed!!!). Maybe, it's because as I get older, I have less mental and physical energy. Maybe, I have just learned that I have to pick my battles and have created a prioritized list of people in my life who I'll spend time on.

Additionally, I am not THAT old. what's going to happen in a decade when I have little kids? I am not going to turn into my mother - I am going to be worse! What do you think, my not-so-constant reader?


srah said...

Sweet party! Congratulations!

I think when I was younger I wanted everyone to like me and as I got older I came to realize that it wasn't possible.

Madhu said...

Congrats..and everyone looks really great in the pic! And the patience, my opinion is that its cyclical - it comes and goes..perhaps in a few years it will be back, especially when your "little kids" come. (Im hoping it will, for the poor kids' sake)

Sylvie said...

I agree with srah ... I have just come to realise I don't give a f*** if everyone doesn't like me.

Madhu, haha, I hope so too

cariberry said...

Congrats! Wait till after the wedding to start worrying about "little kids"! One thing at a time :-)

Sylvie said...

I am really hoping they are "little kids." I am scared enough of childbirth without having to push out huge headed babies!

Now that we're past that image, how's everyone doing? ;-)

srah said...


*gouges out eyes*
*realizes I didn't actually SEE anything*
*gouges out brain*