Friday, July 07, 2006

Fireworks from over the water

This year, Jeff and I decided we were not going to fight for parking or a sitting space to watch fireworks in Baltimore or Washington D.C. So, we went on a cruise out on the Chesapeake Bay. It was nice, food, music and then fireworks from a premium view!

Some photos:


Anne said...

You guys are too cute and, Sylvie, I really love your top! I'm sorry I don't comment here more, but most people I know (myself included) use LiveJournal so I never think to look here!

Also, I will know by the end of this month what the situation is with visiting you and Jeff in India for your wedding there. I'm pretty sure Nisha and I will both come, we're just trying to figure out if we can go earlier to visit some of her relatives beforehand. Unfortunately, her family in Kerala and Karnataka are about on the opposite end of the country from Punjab which will make our travel plans interesting. Nisha's dad has basically scared me to death about traveling around the country alone, so he's really involved in planning our trip. But yeah, before this comment gets too long I'll let you go with the promise that you'll hear from me later :)

Anonymous said...

only the fireworks are missing in the photos ;)) no big deal!!