Monday, August 13, 2007

My dream ring! Update: Story behind the ring

The first ring that Jeff proposed to me with on July 4, 2005 was from Daniels Jeweler's online. I picked out somethign economical with a princess cut center diamond which I wanted. I also didn't want any small diamonds around it or on the wedding band but to go along with the cheapest ring found, I took the baguettes that came with the center stone. A few weeks after I got the ring, I woke up in MI to find one of the baguettes missing.

I emailed the company, very angry and they refused to refund the money. They offered to exchange it at one of their stores. After driving 2 hours to the closest store, we picked a ring that was ... eh, acceptable. Neither one of us were in love with the ring or had any emotional attachment to the company.

One day, last year, at Helzberg diamonds at Jeff's mall, we saw a trillion cut solitaire ... 1Carat @ over $5000. Out of our price range but the diamond wowed us. I tried it on and we both loved the way it looked and the uniqueness of it.

And, finally, we have a ring we both like, love and can live with. And, it doesn't have those pesky tiny little diamond chips on the sides.

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