Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ignored but not forgotten

I blame Facebook for keeping me away from my blog. When I can play scrabble with my husband on it, update statuses by the minute, see what friends are upto ... why would I come here?

But, I feel bad for my neglected blog and since I reached somewhat of an important milestone in the post-surgery weightloss scheme of things, I thought, "what a good time to post."

First things first, we celebrated Jeff's 32nd birthday and his 5th surprise birthday party in a row on March 29th. He was scared, just like last year, when a bunch of people yelled out "Happy Birthday." But, the food was good, the company was awesome and a good time was had by all. One funny thing, the cake was made by the aunt of the guy who managed the party. He explained to her over the phone, in Spanish, that we wanted "Happy Birthday To Our Mac Genius" on it. The cake came back with "Happy Birthday Tour Mac Genius."

Click on the image to view more photos from the party.

Workwise, I am up to 6 projects at work, 2 that are fully on, with 14-16hours of just meetings a week. 1 we just delivered test results to, so hopefully it's gone. 2 that have just disappeared, that eminds me, I should send emails to the project sponsors asking what's up. Last but not the least, 1 project that came back to us and asked for the 2 people who worked on it last year because we were awesome! So, busy at work.

Added to that, I started working part-time, 2-3 nights a week, at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am finding it fun, in a whole different way than my day job. It helps that now I can buy things for the house without having to wait for the 20% off coupons as well. Also, since Jeff works weekends and nights, I am avoiding the regular couchathon in front of the TV that used to last for hours till he'd get home.

Last weekend, I reached 60 lbs on my weight loss journey. I have 60 more to go to be right in the middle of that healthy range all the BMI charts seem to savor. However, I am setting a goal of another 30 lbs to feel good and healthy for myself. Towards that goal, I joined a local gym that's down the road from my work. Lockheed subsidized our membership fees so we received $20 off monthly rates and in addition, Lockheed gives us upto $250 back every calendar year for gym memberships.

All in all, life is good!


Andrea said...

Sylvie, just wanna say that you're looking great and so healthy! I'm so pleased for you. :)

Shib said...

Thanks Andrea, how's NY treating you? I read about your hectic semester, but feelis like you are having fun with it