Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Los Angeles: The Wedding and other fun stuff

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We were in thousand Oaks, CA for my sister-in-law's wedding. Jeff's youngest sister got married to her long time boyfriend on the most beautiful day in CA. But, first things first. We flew out there on June 5th and after painting some ceramic mushrooms for Kelly, we all went out to dinner. This was the first time the 2 families had met.

Day 2 was pretty lazy, laying around the pool at the hotel and then Jeff and I attended the rehearsal dinner.

Day 3 we visited family and I forgot my camera :(.

Day 4 was the wedding. We'd been worried about the heat since it was an outdoors wedding, Jeff was wearing a tuxedo and L.A. temps in June have gone above 100. But, the weather cooperated, it was a nice 83 degree day with a slight breeze. The setting was beautiful with lots of flowers and birds. My parents met some of Jeff's uncles and aunts and a very fun time was had by all.

Day 5 we took my parents and sister to the site where we got married in 2005, since they'd been unable to attend.

Day 6, we took my parents to the airport for their flight back to India.

Day 7, we all went to the Santa Monica pier and beach and just relaxed. We read books, napped, had good Mexican food and enjoyed the sun and the sand.

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