Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seattle in September

Jeff and I have been trying to get to Seattle for a while. And, now there's a perfect opportunity. One of the first friends I made at graduate school and one of the nicest persons (if not THE nicest) to graduate out of that program is getting married.

Let me just say that in my 2 years at UMich, I never heard her say a single negative thing about anybody. She's one of the smartest but never flaunted it or acted like she was better than everybody else.

Her fiance is her male counterpart. The nicest guy out there (well, maybe after Jeff) and they make such a beautiful couple. Jeff and I were the first ones to start bugging them about when they'd get married. They were invited to our wedding in India (along with her mom) but sadly, they couldn't make it.

I guess once they tie the knot, Jeff and I will start bugging them about having kids :-P.

Congratulations Erika and Viktor, we cannot wait to see you guys!!!


Jaye @ said...

Oh that is so exciting, I love weddings! :)

Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

They are. This will be the first non-family wedding in years so I can just enjoy it and not have any responsibilities.

Yoda said...

I'm going to a wedding this Sunday and in one in July. This be the year of weddings?