Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Who is? I am!
Ok, backing up a bit. My dear hubby is very excited about the fact that we can now send pics via text messages to each other on the iPhone. this morning, I got one from him and feeling pretty, I decided to take a photo of my smiling face to send back. Since I get up before him and leave way before him, he doesn't usually egt to see what I look like all day long (I'm in my jammies as soon as I get home).

So, I grab the iPhone, turn it around, smile broadly and click. Turn it around and SCREAM! When did all those wrinkles pop up around my eyes? On one hand, I'd love to just call them smile lines and be done with it but on the other hand, I am horrified. I am only 32 and those seem like a LOT of wrinkles.

P.S. Yes I know those Yeti eyebrows could use some work too.

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Sunshine said...

Hey, Syl. Dont feel bad. Remember Truvy in "Steel Magnolias"? She said "Time marches on and soon you realize that it is marching across your face". Has anything truer ever been said? I'm hoping to try some of the Anew Reversalist face cream soon. It is supposed to work wonder. I have fine lines and shadows under and around my eyes. I definitely need some help. I think you look great, Syl.