Friday, January 29, 2010

33rd birthday mind loss

I mean what else would I blame the fact that I just registered for a 5K walk/run through the Baltimore Women's Classic for my birthday weekend this year?

My friend, BTen, and I discussed this last year and thought we'd practice the whole year, that whole running thing, y'know? And, we fell off the wagon fast. Faster than you can say "drink some beer yo." So, yesterday, she comes by my cube and asks me about it. My immediate reaction: "EFFING HELL NO WAY TILL HELL FREEZES OVER AND THEN SO DOES EARTH AND WE NEVER RAN LAST YEAR ..." And she left, probably to get awya form my crazy self.

Do you blame her?

Afetr I calmed down, and my heart rate came down from 250 beats per minute, I went back to the website and called myself all sorts of wimp names. And, in the end, signed up for it. Well, the checks go in the mail today. They have a training program, for everyone from beginning walkers to experienced runners, starting in May. till then, it gives me my own goal of making it at least from beginning walkers to experienced walkers and maybe even beginning runners.

Gist of it all is, Bren and I will be walking/running the 5K in Baltimore on June 27th, 2010. To start off, we're walking 3 miles on the treadmill next Tuesday. Had to set some goals.

Wish us luck.

And, stand at the end of the race with mimosas.


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