Wednesday, May 05, 2010


For reasons that'll be clear to everyone soon, I put the 5K training on back burner for almost 8 weeks. I went back to it last week and today, I actually ran. Not the 5.5 mph I was upto 2 months ago, I did a steady 4 mph jog but I was able to do it longer, my heart rate didn't shoot up past 200 and I wasn't dying. I think this might be my best plan of action for now. Slow and steady might not win the race in this but I might actually finish it.

I did 1.6 miles in a little over 25 minutes. So I am still thinking I can clock under 50 minutes and I will be perfectly happy with that.

What I am thinking about now is the enxt goal. Once I accomplish this, what next? I'll never be a marathoner. It's boring enugh running 3.1 miles, I cannot imagine 26. Maybe another 5K? Maybe a 3 day walk for cancer. We'll ask me after June 27th.

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