Friday, November 15, 2013

Best wife ever

from the bottom up :(

A month ago or so, Jeff was sitting at home on a Saturday evening, when he started complaining about a pain in the middle of his chest. Being a long suffering member of GERD Anonymous, I thought that must be it. Also, Oli was asleep and if you have r know a toddler, you DO NOT DISTURB THEM SLEEPING! So, I told him to drive himself to the ER. Which was obviously a REALLY bad idea, considering the chest pain and arm numbness could have been somthing worse.

Fast forward to yesterday. Well, back up to the night before that, Wednesday night. Victoria Gastro Pub, in Columbia, had a wonderful beer tasting dinner that I sent Jeff off to while I watched wonderful, deep, meaningful ... who am I kidding? I watched some real life story based movie filled with too much violence and sex. Now, fast forward to yesterday morning. Around noon, he texted me tos ay he didn't feel good and could I drive him home. I, in my infinite wisdom, thought he was just suffering from acid reflux because of the great food and beer the night before. So, I told him to drive himself to Urgent Care, about 15 minutes from him.

Another half hour later, he texts me. The urgent care pysician told him it was most likely a swollen appendix and to get himself to an ER immediately. I got him to drive himself to me immediately and I took him to the Howard County ER. where, 6 hours later, his appendix was removed. I was wrong. He wasn't just making a mountain out of a molehill. Lesson learned.

MEN, STOP MAKING EVERY MOUNTAIN INTO A MOLEHILL. When you complain about every 100 degree fever like your limb has been cut off, how are we, the simple wives, supposed to know when it's for real? So, from now on, dear male spouses, please keep your worst whining for things are really bad.

So, we know when to send you to the ER and when to ignore you.

And, to leave you with a photographic piece of evidence of this, I present Jeff modeling his 2014 deisgn of the dmeical robe by Givenchy:

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