Thursday, July 24, 2014

Boston, Usability, Beer and History

I am so behind in my blogging. I wanted to do a 3 part post about our trip to Boston. I think in order to ensure I get it all in, I'll do a condensed (it'll be somewhat long y'all) post covering it all.

I got to travel to Boston to attend the UXPA Boston's annual Usability Conference on May 15th. Since Jeff and I had never been to Boston and it has 2 of our favorite breweries - Sam Adams and Harpoon, he came up to meet me the night of my conference and we stayed the weekend to take in the sights. He was also excited about the Freedom Trail and hoping to learn some history by walking the path of people long gone, I was looking forward to this too.

First things first, I've attended a couple local Usability conferences and one UXPA national conference in Baltimore. I have to say the Boston one blew everything else out of the park. In one day, I listened to a lot of talented and educated individuals who had put in a lot of thought to where our industry is heading and what's the best way to not only stay afloat in it but to be ahead of the game.

Second, the breweries. OMG, the breweries. We not only visited the 2 we'd intended to, we found a local microbrewery where we ended up having dinner twice in our trip and enjoyed their beer - Boston Beer Works. I did some research beforehand and found that Harpoon was having a beer festival on that Saturday, where we met up with a friend of mine from an online mommy group and her husband. It was awesome, because we've now made a lifetime friend with a weird accent ;-).

We also made it to a 10 a.m. tour at Sam Adams which was awesome - a hilarious guide, good beer, before noon ... what else can you ask for?

 Last, but not the least, history! I was at best a C, maybe B- student in history but I love going places where history is laid in the stone walkways, where history is set in the brick houses, were you can breathe it in while walking through the houses ... and we did all that. 2.5 miles of self guided walking tour. What was even more awesome is that they had this brick inlaid into the ground that took you through the entire tour. It was even painted onto the metal grate we had to walk across the river on.

I almost forgot the food ... oh my goodness I had a lobster roll and it was to die for. Seriously, the food everywhere was absolutely amazing.

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