Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sex and priorities in the U.S.

I believe the Duggars have worse problems than marital infidelity to worry about. I think it just shows again how weird the things we worry about it the U.S. are, that suddenly the fact that his email address showed up on a dating site for married people took over the fact that he abused his sisters, in the news. I mean seriously? Sex between consenting adults who obviously signed up on a site knowing everyone else who's signed up on there is married as well, versus abuse of minor females who've been raised to believe their self worth is pretty much nothing because they are just females.

Think about it. Which do you want to be outraged over at all? Not more. Just at all. Because for the married thing? It's nobody else's business but the cheater's spouse's.

Oh and btw, there are apparently websites you can go plug your email in to see if the database the hackers exposed has your email address in it ... Google it ;-)

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