Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Graduation speeches

So, as president of SISA, I am supposed to speak at both graduations - Winter and the Regular one. However, because of my impendign marriage, I am flying out to CA before the winter graduation and so I asked David Choi, the SISA Treasurer to do the speech and this is what he comes up with: David's take on the speech!

So, I am scared, to say the least!!!


Madhu said...

Well, the graduates never listen to any of the speeches and their folks are too busy trying to find them or take pictures , so usually it doesnt matter what the speech is like. (I hope my theory is correct). Perhaps I will take that guest pass that I was offered to attend the winter graduation!

Allison said...


an unhumorous and distasteful, yet historic, speech by David Choi on a day in which his peers celebrate their justification in spending of tens of thousands for a somewhat ambiguous degree,


solid reassurance that [CHOOSE] SOMEONE ELSE will give a less impactful, but wholly more appropriate speech.

But, I'm pretty biased.

David said...

hey hey it may be unhumorous and distasteful but...ummm what was the third thing?