Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is that a hearing aid? No, moron, it's a ...

Bluetooth headset.

Jeff and I just got new phones and since they are Bluetooth enabled, I got him a Motorola headset. He loved it so much that I decided to try it out too. Why would anyone want a wireless headset?

1. Convenience: I can answer and end calls with the push of one button.
2. No wires involved.
3. I can walk upto 30 feet away and still get my calls.

Here's a LifeTips website that offers more reasons on why you should use a wireless headset, and asnwers questions about them.
In December 2003, England passed a law against drivers using any mobile phone while driving. BBC News had a good article where they answered top ten questions. Main gist was that if you had to hold the phone for anything, you could be fined 30 pounds. According to the Trusted Reviews website, “ever since it became illegal in the UK to drive while holding a mobile phone the popularity of Bluetooth headsets has, not surprisingly, rocketed and it’s now a pretty common site to see them being worn by drivers.” Even before that, in 2001, New York became the first state to pass a law prohibiting the use of a cell phone when driving - unless you are using a hands free device. In 2004, New Jersey and DC adopted this law as well. You can read about it at the Be Hands Free website.

I just got back from CA and after 2 weeks of using my wireless headset, I have gotten some comments about it, both in CA and in MI.

In MI:
1. A 20-year old in a bar asked Jeff if he was wearing a hearing aid (the person was serious).
2. I got asked why I needed it on my ear all the time. Let's see, in lieu of that, let me keep it in my pocket or my purse and then when somebody calls, I pull it out and answer the call. BUT, how is that different form just using my phone?

In CA:
1. A 60-year old grandma comments "Oh, where did you get the pink one?"
2. Another really old lady asked Jeff if he got good range with his headset.

I realize that CA is ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to technological advancements. Bluetooth technology is not new. Bluetooth SIGs were formed in 1998 and the headsets have been out for at least a couple years now. So, why is it that something that is commonly seen attached to people's ears on the West Coast is so unknown elsewhere in the same country?

I have been telling myself in the past few months of my job search that I wouldn't mind staying in the Midwest. But, this ONE incidence (more than one but same context) has made me realize I miss CA. I miss being among people who know what the latest and greatest things are and are comfortable trying them out. I miss the fact that I could wear my 48" bell bottoms with wooden heels and a wireless headset and not have people stare at me or ask stupid questions.

A Michigander commented to me a couple of days ago "What? CA has culture?" No, moron, only this corn growing flatland Midwest has culture. I have also been lectured on how all the culture in CA comes from Midwesterners moving there and raising their children with morals. You know what? Come back. Come back to the mothership please and leave us cultureless, sinning, morally abhorrent, naked hippies in CA alone. I cannot wait till I can be back on the West coast again. This middle class morality of the Midwest is killing my free spirited hippy soul.


Noor said...

I think you look like this guy:


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Allison said...

Shouldn't it be: "killing my free spirited naked hippy soul"?

Naked...yes, I think, naked...!