Saturday, April 29, 2006

30 things I'll remember about my time at SI ...

I am done! I have finishes my graduate school - and in 2 years. I say that because I took 7 years for my undergraduate and was scared that I would take at least 4 for my MS. But, no, yesterday I walked and I am done!

Yesterday and today, I have been recounting stories of things that I remember in the lasst 2 years. so, I decided to steal this idea from Da Choi, and recount some things I remember:

1) Sitting on the cement bench below SI with Rick, Jenny, Jonathan, Erika, and other people during class breaks while some of us smoked and some us drank some sort of a hot beverage.

2) Creating a GTN using glue, sharpies, wooden ruler, at Erika's house with her and Rick.

3) Visiting Erika at the hospital that first semester.

4) Seeing the B52s with Tracey, Erika, Jonathan and Rick during my Orientation.

5) Having David make fun of my boyfriend in the phone and calling him a hired actor the first time he visited from CA.

6) Trying to get to any class that was held in 311 early so I could get a seat in the back row close enough to an outelet so I could use my laptop.

7) Having Robert, Amy, and maybe some other people make fun of PCs as I was on my cell phone ordering my new 17' Dell laptop in the student lounge.

8) Dancing twice for the ASB fundraiser.

9) Meeting a lot of the new students during Visiting Days.

10) SISA taking visiting students line dancing to the Diamondback and only one student going with us.

11) Getting married.

12) Seeing Brooks and Dunn & Big and Rich for free after winning the tickets through some radio contest, in Detroit with Baugh and Christy E.

13) My bachelerotte party and me crying and telling everyone how much I loved them and would miss them.

14) My bridal shower where more people than I expected showed up. All of your wishes and generous gifts were more than just appreciated ;-) I have really nice household stuff because of you guys. Thanks!!!

15) Sitting at my first apaertment's porch on the first monday of classes with Killian's and Dominoe's, enjoying a nice fall evening with Erika, Katie and Jenny.

16) Feeling very happy about the 501 group I was put in.

17) Leading the group work presentation and scavenger hunt during Orientation 2005.

18) MCing the Revue and having Da Choi heckle me.

oh so late --- will have to add more later, it's 2 a.m.

I will miss the friends I've made here; I wasn't lying in my speech at graduation. But, I am so excited to finally start a "real" life with my husband. Any of you, if you are ever in the Glen Burnie/Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, feel free to call on me and Jeff.

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